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In 2010, more than 113,000 cases of domestic violence were reported to Florida law enforcement. These reports resulted in more

In 2010, more than 113,000 cases of domestic violence were reported to Florida law enforcement. These reports resulted in more than 67,000 arrests and thousands more evenings spent in domestic violence shelters by victims. You might think that domestic violence is only an issue for individuals of a certain race, social background, or education level. If so, you are wrong. Domestic violence can happen to anybody regardless of their sex, race, socioeconomic status, age, or sexual orientation. Myths about domestic violence persist largely because despite the education and resources available today, it is still often swept under the rug and denied by abusers and victims alike.

If you have experienced domestic violence in your relationship, call Florida’s domestic violence hotline at 1-800-500-1119 right away. This hotline is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and can connect you with help in English, Spanish, or Creole. Do not wait to make this call. Getting out of your abusive relationship now can save your life.

Once You are Out

Once you have left your home, you need to take the steps to formally end your relationship with your partner and ensure that he or she does not continue to hurt you. If you are married, this means filing for divorce. Whether you are married or not, it usually means getting a restraining order against your abuser.

Work with an experienced divorce attorney to file your restraining order. He or she can make the process easier by providing you with legal advice at every step. You will need to file a petition with the court to have a restraining order instated. This petition must include personal information about you and your former partner, such as your physical descriptions, places of employment, relationship to each other, and if there is any other important information to note such as whether you have a child together. The petition must also include a paragraph that describes your alleged abuse and the dates that it occurred. This petition is then reviewed by a judge. If it meets Florida’s requirements for a restraining order, you will be granted a temporary restraining order until your court hearing.

At your court hearing, you will need to provide as much evidence as you can to prove that you are a domestic violence victim. Your attorney will help you gather and organize this evidence. You will present your case to the court and if your former partner is present, he or she can object to the allegations. The judge then determines if a restraining order is appropriate and if so, the length of time for which it is valid. This order prohibits your former partner from contacting you in any way. If he or she violates the restraining order, he or she can face criminal charges.

Divorce Attorney in Winter Park

For compassionate support and legal guidance with your restraining order in Winter Park, contact Sperling Ducker at 407-645-3297. When you call, you will be able to schedule a legal consultation with our firm. Do not wait to get the legal help you need to end your relationship.