Solo but Strong: Mastering Single Parenthood with Grace and Grit

Solo but Strong Mastering Single Parenthood with Grace and Grit

Raising children alone feels like you’re constantly juggling responsibilities with limited hands. However, countless single parents like yourself have discovered ways to not only manage but truly excel in their roles. By adopting effective strategies, you can transform challenges into stepping stones toward a fulfilling life for you and your children. The Power of Routine […]

Stepparent Adoptions

Adoption is one of the many areas covered by family law. Some couples adopt children from relatives, the foster system, strangers matched with them via adoption agencies, or adoption agencies located overseas to become parents and expand their families. Another common type of adoption is known as a stepparent adoption. A stepparent adoption is the […]

The Role of the Guardian Ad Litem

When a couple with children divorces, it is important that the children’s needs are considered during the divorce process. Every member of a family is affected by a divorce, particularly minor children who face an address change, a change to their financial resources, and changed relationships with their parents after the divorce is final. In […]

Fighting an Involuntary Adult Guardianship Proceeding

When a guardianship is established over an individual, another adult is granted the right and responsibility of overseeing the individual’s day to day life, medical care, financial decisions, and making any other significant decisions that the individual cannot make for him- or herself. Many individuals voluntarily appoint loved ones to take on guardianship roles when […]

Reasons to Establish a Guardianship for a Loved One

Guardianships are a way to protect adult loved ones from harming themselves physically or exposing themselves to exploitation due to their mental incapacity. When an individual establishes a guardianship for his or her loved one, he or she becomes completely responsible for the loved one. A guardian’s job is to make decisions on his or […]

What is Guardianship Litigation?

Guardianship litigation is the legal process through which a legal guardian for an incapacitated adult is determined. When an incapacitated individual does not have a living will that states who is to be granted power of attorney for his or her needs, it is often necessary to go to court to determine that individual’s guardian. […]