Collaborative Divorce for Unconventional Circumstances

Every marriage is unique. Logically, this means that every divorce is unique, even though they generally involve the same issues

Every marriage is unique. Logically, this means that every divorce is unique, even though they generally involve the same issues to settle, such as how the couple’s property is divided and how the couple with handle co-parenting after the divorce. There is no one-size-fits-all divorce method, and when couples try to force their divorces to fit specific molds, they often come away feeling frustrated and unsatisfied with their divorce settlement terms.

Collaborative divorce puts couples in the drivers’ seats of their divorces, rather than leaving the rulings that they will have to live with up to the court. Collaborative divorce is an especially attractive option for couples with unconventional circumstances and needs, such as business owners and those willing to try modern co-parenting arrangements like birdnesting.

You Know What is Best for your Children. Develop the Ideal Co-Parenting Plan for Them

There are many different ways to handle co-parenting after a divorce. When the court makes a co-parenting determination, it does so with the child’s best interest in mind. You might determine that your child’s best interests are served by a birdnesting agreement or another alternative timesharing arrangement. If you and your spouse agree to an unconventional parenting plan like incorporating boarding school or time with extended family, work together to include this in your collaborative divorce settlement.

Some Couples Live Together After their Divorces

For some couples, the idea of living with a former spouse is laughable. For others, it is necessary and even attractive. If you are considering remaining in the same household after your divorce, even if you are in different units of a multi-family property, it is important to take this into consideration when developing the terms of your divorce settlement. Remaining in close quarters after your divorce can make it easy to deviate from your property division settlement, so it is important that you are clear and in total agreement about this settlement before starting live as a cohabitating divorced couple.

Splitting Up or Reorganizing your Business is Easier when you are In Control

If you and your spouse owned a business together, valuing the business so it can be equitably divided between you is an important part of the divorce process. But what if you both want to continue operating the business? In a case like this, your interests will still have to be divided and you will continue the business operation as partners.

Even if you do not want to continue operating the business together, you will need to find a fair way to divide it. Whether one of you plans to continue operating it will determine how you divide it and its assets.

Work with an Experienced Winter Park Divorce Attorney

Contact The Law Offices of Aubrey Harry Ducker, Jr., PLLC today to set up your initial consultation with an experienced Winter Park divorce attorney. During your consultation, you can discuss your specific divorce goals and needs with Mr. Ducker to determine an appropriate plan for ending your marriage. Never assume that your ideal divorce is unattainable – it, or something close to it, could be very doable through collaborative divorce.