Collaborative Divorce? Learn New Ways To Get Through It

Collaborative Divorce Learn new ways to get through it Collaborative divorce is an attractive alternative to divorcing through litigation With

Collaborative Divorce? Learn new ways to get through it

Collaborative divorce is an attractive alternative to divorcing through litigation. With a collaborative divorce, the couple works together, each  person with their attorney  to draft the divorce settlement that is going to work best for both of them. Meaning they can go outside the guidelines for property division, alimony, and parenting plans. Imposed by Florida law to create a modification  that truly suits the family’s needs. If this is something you are facing or considering, discuss it with the appropriate lawyer who can understand.

Share with Your Spouse What You Really Want

In a collaborative divorce if you and your spouse decide how you want to divide your marital assets. You have to   specify the asset, like ownership of your vacation property, this is the time to speak your preference and what you are willing to “give up” in order to achieve your divorce goal. You can adjust creative ways to break your assets, like sharing the vacation property with a timeshare-like agreement. Be clear on what you want, and how it would work between you guys.

Establish a Well Rounded Parenting Plan for Your Kids

When the court develops a parenting plan, it follows the guidelines set in Florida law to develop the plan that best serves the child’s personal needs. Establishing a plan that is in your child’s best interest is always something you should strive to do and be prepared for.

Rather than the court creating the plan, and you establishing it. There is more flexibility and control to establish a plan that works best with your family. In many cases, this is easiest when you have help from a child custody evaluator. The parenting plan you establish might veer a lot from the “typical” shared parenting plan like the child spending a lot of his or her time with one parent and every other weekend with the other parent. Yours might involve split weeks or even a modern take on co-parenting like a bird-nesting arrangement. With a collaborative divorce, you craft the parenting plan that suits your family’s needs.

Create an Agreement that Will Make You Both Happy

Maybe you would rather take a larger share of your marital savings than seek alimony. Or maybe you want to settle as much of your marital assets as possible and use the funds to start fresh on the next chapter of your life. These types of arrangement are possible with collaborative divorce. The only limit to your ideal, self-directed settlement is your spouse’s willingness to work cooperatively with you to reach it.

Work with an Experienced Winter Park Divorce Attorney

If you are considering a collaborative divorce, work with a Winter Park divorce lawyer who has extensive experience handling this type of divorce. Contact our team at Sperling Ducker PLC today to set up your initial legal consultation with a member of our team.