Family Law – Client Questionnaire

Initial Client Questionnaire – Family Law

The purpose of an initial consultation is for the attorney to advise you, the prospective client, what, if anything, may be done for you and what the minimum feed, therefore, will be. The purpose is not to render a definitive legal opinion, as it may be impossible to access fully a matter within the timeframe allotted for a consultation or with the information and documents that you may be able to provide at the initial consultation.

One of three results is possible following your consultation:

           A. You decide not to use the services of the Attorney, or 

           B. The Attorney declines representation, or

           C. You and the Attorney mutually agree to the terms of representation 

          (Both you and the Attorney will sign a separate document called an Agreement for Representation and a copy will be provided to you.)

Note: The following questions will help us to understand the reason for your visit today and to file any necessary documents with the Court. Your responses are protected by attorney/client privilege and will be held to strict confidence.

Following your initial interview, if you agree to hire the Attorney, and the Attorney agrees to represent you, you will both sign an Agreement for Representation. The Agreement for Representation will set forth the terms and conditions of representation.

If the Attorney is willing to represent you and you decide not to sign an Agreement of Representation today, you are strongly urged to schedule a second appointment with the Attorney at the earliest possible time or to immediately consult with other legal counsel to protect your rights.

NOTICEThis office DOES NOT REPRESENT YOU with regard to the matters set forth by you herein in this information sheet or discussed during your consultation, UNLESS AND UNTIL, both you and the Attorney execute a written Agreement for Representation.

If the Attorney does not agree to represent you, this includes with regard to the matter set forth by you on this information sheet, as well as any other matters you may discuss with the Attorney during your consultation. If your legal problem(s) involve a potential lawsuit, it is important that you realize a lawsuit must be filed within a certain period of time called a Statute of Limitations. Therefore, the Attorney strongly urges you to immediately consult with another attorney to protect your rights. The Attorney’s decision not to represent you should not be taken by you as an expression regarding the merits of your case.


Sending in this form acknowledges only that you have completed this information sheet as accurately as possible in anticipation of a consultation with the Attorney and does not mean you have hired the Attorney.