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April 28, 2010

Learn The Truth About Your Medicare Coverage

by Alex in Elder Law, News

LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR MEDICARE COVERAGE! Aubrey Ducker will be one of the featured speakers in this free seminar on long-term care and medicare. It is offered by the Elder Law Committee of the Orange County Bar Association. You can meet Mr. Ducker at Crosby Wellness Center in Winter Park on Tuesday, May 4, 2010. For more information, including additional dates and locations, please visit the Orange County Bar Association’s Calendar of Events.

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Struggling with child custody or a divorce? Contact Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr., Attorneys and Counselors at Law.  Our attorneys handle every legal issue-  from family law and also elder law. Call us at  (407) 647-7887 or send us a send us a message. Visit Aubrey Law’s Office. Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. serves Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, and Orlando. Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. also serves the and surrounding areas.

About Aubrey Law

Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. is an experienced family law attorneys serve Orlando & Winter Park. Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. has had years of accomplishments in the legal field. He has taken an interest in elder law after caring for his own grandmother and parents-in-law. Mr. Ducker also has the first-hand experience in dealing with the stresses and anxieties that accompany deciding how to live the rest of one’s “golden years”. Additionally, Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. knows that adult children have to deal with this rite of passage. This involves specific stresses when making decisions for a parent or parents incapacitated by serious illnesses.