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August 12, 2008

Legislative Update from The Florida Bar

by Alex in Family Law, News

Legislative Update – August 12, 2008

The Florida Bar Family Law Section will be encouraging the Florida Family Law Legislature to address at least some of the following in the upcoming session:

  • Specify whether both parents require court permission to relocate his or her residence.
  • Clarify the definition of “parenting plan recommendation” to allow Guardians Ad Litem and any person authorized to perform social investigations to make a parenting plan recommendation and require the parenting plan to list the address to be used when registering the children for school.
  • Child support: remove the 25% reduction in child care costs when calculating child support; impute minimum wage and other standards for imputation of income; terminate child support as children reach the age of majority; allocate support per child so that new support is readily ascertainable when one reaches the age of majority; eliminate guidelines for income below the poverty level.
  • According to The Florida Bar, they must Address security and/or interest when equitable distribution payment cannot be paid in a lump sum.

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