Life After your Divorce is Finalized

When you are caught up in the process of ending your marriage, it can be difficult to think about what

When you are caught up in the process of ending your marriage, it can be difficult to think about what life will be like once it is all over. But life after your divorce will be a long stage in your life – you will never again be a person who has not been divorced, you will likely never be in a committed relationship with your current spouse again, and you will never again be able to go back to a time where you are not familiar with the divorce process. Divorce changes people, and you can use this time to make it a positive change for you. Give yourself time to think about your life after your divorce and understand all that will change for you.

Your Relationship with your Children will Change

Do not equate “change” with “worsen.” There is no way around it, your relationship with your children will be different after your divorce because before the divorce, your marriage to their other parent was a crucial part of their relationship with you. Once you are divorced and have a parenting plan in place, you will see your children on a new schedule, without your former spouse as a parenting partner.

You will Face a New Financial Reality

A divorce could bring you from a two-income household to a single income household or, if you lived on one income during your marriage, it could mean paying or receiving alimony. It could also mean getting a job for the first time in years. No matter what, your divorce will mean a different income and new expenses, which will require you to adjust your budget and spending choices.

You will Likely have a Different Perspective on Dating, Relationships, and Marriage

If you choose to date again, you will be dating as a divorced individual, potentially carrying emotional and financial baggage from your marriage. It can be easy to become jaded by a divorce and swear off marriage, but it can be hard to actually follow through on these kinds of resolution.

You might not be ready to date again as soon as your divorce is finalized, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you do find later that you want to date again and potentially remarry someday, you will have a much different perspective on relationships and marriage, and these can affect how you relate to new partners and even the types of partner you pursue. Be sure to make this perspective shift a positive one that helps you build healthy relationships, rather than a self-destructive one that leads you down harmful paths.

Work with an Experienced Winter Park Divorce Lawyer

Your post-divorce life starts when you file your initial divorce paperwork. Make this as smooth and straightforward a transition as possible by working through the divorce with an experienced Winter Park divorce lawyer from Aubrey Law. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation with a member of our team to learn more about the divorce process and what you can expect from it.