New Year, New You: Make the Changes you Need to Make for 2019 Now

Every January, many Americans make resolutions to change something about themselves in the new year. These resolutions can include losing

Every January, many Americans make resolutions to change something about themselves in the new year. These resolutions can include losing weight, becoming more outgoing, getting out of debt, changing careers, or renewing relationships with estranged friends and family members. Completing this type of goal can be extremely rewarding and demonstrate not only one’s dedication toward achieving his or her goal, but his or her investment in self-improvement.

You might be facing a legal or family issue that you have been putting off for some time. Now is the time to do it. Fix those legal issues that are scaring you with help from an experienced attorney, whether your needs are related to family law, probate law, or elder law.

Determine your Goals

The first step toward making a change in your life is determining what needs to change. Maybe you want to spend more time with your children this year. Maybe you want to finally write or update your will. Maybe you are ready to end your marriage and/or move out of Florida to begin the next chapter in your life. Now is the time to sit down and take a contemplative look at what you want to achieve. The next step is working with an attorney to help you make your achievement.

Work Out a Timeline

Few legal processes can happen overnight. When you work with an attorney, he or she will discuss a realistic timeline for the change you want to make. For example, modifying a parenting time arrangement in Florida can take some time because it requires the parent seeking the modification to prove that there is a substantial reason why he or she should have more time with his or her child, which can be met with opposition and require an investigation of one’s case by the court. Other legal processes, like writing a will, can be completed much more quickly and easily. Once you have a timeline in place, taking the necessary steps to reach your goal becomes much easier.

Get the Support you Need

Hiring an attorney is the first step toward making a legal change. The next step is gathering the support you need to make that change. In a case of modifying a child or spousal support order, you might need documentation of your changed circumstances. For wills and changes to your assets’ beneficiaries, you will need to provide documentation of the assets you own.

You might also want the other type of support: emotional support from friends and loved ones. Without disclosing all the details that need to be kept confidential between yourself and your attorney, discuss the change you are making with those around you so they can be there for you during any emotionally difficult times that follow.

Work with an Orlando Family Attorney

Whether you need to write a will, to change your child support order, representation as you begin the divorce process, or any other legal service within the confines of family, divorce, elder, or probate law, contact Sperling Ducker to work with an experienced Winter Park family, elder, and probate attorney. Stop putting off the changes you need to make to have a healthier, more productive new year – contact our firm today to schedule your initial legal consultation with us.