Non-Attorney Medical Planners Cannot Give Legal Advice

Did you know 8230 non attorney medical planners cannot give legal advice Only a licensed attorney can give you all

Did you know….non attorney medical planners cannot give legal advice? Only a licensed attorney can give you all the legal options for Medicaid planning and asset protection. The Florida Supreme Court advised that anyone other than a licensed attorney who provides legal advice about Medicaid planning is engaging in the unlicensed practice of law.

Florida Statute §454.23

According to Florida Statute §454.23 the unlicensed practice of law is a third-degree felony. This means that only a licensed attorney can give advice about Medicaid restructuring strategies. The 2015 Florida Supreme Court Advisory Opinion (No SC 14-211) states that a non-attorney may not:

  • May not recommend or prepare a personal care service contract
  • May not recommend or prepare a Qualified Income Trust Including gathering the information necessary
  • They May not sell personal service contracts or Qualified Income Trust forms or kits in the area of Medicaid planning
  • They May not give legal advice about spending down and restructuring assets for Medicaid.
  • Is not regulated and has no licensing, educating, or advertising requirements

Elder law attorneys consider and discuss legal issues during the Medicaid planning process. Non-lawyers are not allowed to address these. Legally protect your assets by hiring an elder law attorney today.

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