Irwin N. Sperling

Irwin N. Sperling was admitted to the Florida Bar in October of 1981. He has continuously practiced law for over 37 years and representing people and businesses within the State of Florida. His background is that of a general practice attorney who seeks to assist people or businesses with all types of legal problems. He represents those in need of a defense of a criminal charge as well as victims and those accused of domestic violence or served with an injunction. Representation is provided for either women or men in need of divorce, parental custody, time sharing issues, as well as child support matters with the Department of Revenue. An ability to assist you with various matters of a civil or contractual nature exists. Help is available for personal and business matters.


Feel free to call to discuss your concerns. Over 37 years of experience is offered to provide insight, compassion and assistance. An effort is made to resolve matters expeditiously without litigation if possible. An experienced, seasoned and effective approach is utilized in handling matters in Court or out of Court.

Location: Orlando, Florida
Phone: 407-894-4627