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February 8, 2020

Sandwich Generation Seminar on Estate Planning

by Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. in Elder Law, Estate Planning, Events, News

Seminar on Estate Planning

Sandwich Generation Seminar about Estate Planning presented by Attorney Aubrey Ducker, Esq., Attorney Hallie Zobel, Esq., and Attorney T. Scott Tufts, Esq., REGISTER NOW! – Limited seating.


Monday, February 17, 2020 at 4:45 PM – 6:30 PM
CPLS, P.A. – 201 E Pine St, Ste 445, Orlando, Florida 32801


About Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr.

Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. is a Family Law Attorney in Orlando, FL. He will be speaking in the seminar on estate planning. Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. has had years of accomplishments in the legal field. He has taken an interest in elder law after caring for his own grandmother and parents-in-law. Mr. Ducker has first-hand experience in dealing with the stresses and anxieties that accompany deciding how to live the rest of one’s “golden years”.  Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. knows that adult children have to deal with this rite of passage. This involves specific stresses when making decisions for a parent or parents incapacitated by serious illnesses.
As a Family Law Attorney, Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. takes pride in conflict prevention approach and conflict resolution approach to family law and senior law cases.  Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. treats every one of his clients with respect and kindness. Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. values meeting new clients. Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. utilize his experience to direct them through various family law and senior law matters.

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