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February 8, 2020

Stuarts Webb’s Letter to Justice Keith: The Collaborative Law Movement

by Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. in General

What Is Collaborative Divorce

What is collaborative divorce? Fortunately for most people, divorce is nothing like it is in the movies. It is often an exaggerated event where a husband and wife routinely engage in arguments and children are crying up in their rooms. In reality, most divorces are nothing like this. The truth is most divorces never even make it to the courtroom. a judge settles only five percent of divorces.  This is beneficial because going to court is costly, time-consuming, and stressful. If your marriage to your spouse is on reasonably good terms, there is no need for a divorce. Settling a divorce in court is a last resort after all other options.

Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. is an Orlando collaborative divorce attorney. Our goal is to make sure our client’s needs are met. Our collaborative divorce attorneys ensure that the process is as calm, rational, and mutually beneficial.

The Process

Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. aims to find a better alternative to divorce than the traditional contested method. The traditional method usually leaves both sides overwhelmed and disappointed. An attorney represents each side, and they and will enter a formal agreement. This agreement is regarding property distribution, child support and custody, and alimony. If an agreement cannot be reached without a mediator, the couple may agree to work through their differences in mediation, where a third neutral party will help reach a negotiation.

This letter is considered the original genesis of the Collaborative Law movement. (02-14-1990)