The Fallout From The Ashley Madison Hack

Each morning when we can, my wife and I watch the Today Show, together. We usually record it and shrink

Each morning when we can, my wife and I watch the Today Show, together. We usually record it and shrink the viewing time to about 25 minutes by skipping all the commercials and teasers. Today had already planned a series this week on Marriage, and by a look at the news recently, their timing could not have been better.

After last weeks Ashley Madison Hacker scandal we keep seeing famous and not so famous people being caught up in the carnage. From politicians and Duggars to political cartoons, the fallout continues. This morning brought the first report of two apparent suicides related to revelations of the hackers.

Now a former employee of Ashley Madison claims the website actually made up many of the women listed as interested in affairs, while The Week profiles a British writer who claims there are just as many women who want to have affairs as men.

Locally, our own State Attorney Jeff Ashton had to schedule a news conference  this past Sunday to say he had done no wrong and the only person he had to explain himself to was the mother of his children.

Finally, in case you are wondering about Central Florida, this link contains 4,589 individual entries, including names, addresses and web addresses from the Orlando area.

Thanks to “Life has a Restart Button” Walter Benenati.

But enough about Affairs!

This week Today is featuring ideas and answers to help strengthen your marriage. This morning’s segment begins with the “Summer of Celebrity Breakups” and asks if these high-profile breakups mean all marriages are in trouble? Not really says the expert. Northwestern University’s professor Eli Finkel.

Marriages are stronger than ever in some cases. Here are a few examples:

How about a 100 year old couple who have been married 75 years! Congratulations!

Celine Dion proves her love by vowing she will take care of her cancer stricken husband until he dies in her arms.

And a couple in Toronto held the grooms funeral on the date they originally intended for the wedding when he lost his long battle with cancer.

And people are still getting married (though I hope they are consulting attorneys for prenuptial agreements because sometimes these are needed and many times they create a dialogue that needs to occur.)

Sofia Vergara is getting married and made the cover of several magazines.

Alison Brie and Dave Franco got engaged.

For so many, Marriage is a lifelong goal. For others, marriage is not so serious. Where do you fit in? If your marriage is in need of help, watch the Today Show this week. Try the advice of professionals. Work as hard at your marriage as you do at your work.

If these ideas are not your idea of the right direction, perhaps it is time to think about divorce and how you get out of a bad situation. Collaborative Divorce works for many families with children, significant assets or PRIVACY concerns. Or, if you just need to know the options, call me.