What to Do If your Spouse Makes False Accusations About you During the Divorce Process

When you are working through a divorce, there are a lot of issues that will come up in court or

When you are working through a divorce, there are a lot of issues that will come up in court or during your mediation or collaborative divorce sessions. This is because in order to fairly divide your property and determine an appropriate child custody arrangement for your family, facts about your income, assets, physical and mental health, and interpersonal relationships are all considered. When one party lies about the other, he or she can skew the court’s perspective of the couple and cause the other partner to suffer the consequences of an unfair judgment.

If you are facing false accusations from your spouse about your parenting ability, your income or assets, or issues in your personal life such as drug addiction or involvement in criminal activity, you need to be proactive and work with a divorce attorney to prove to the court that your spouse’s claims are not true.

Proving That False Accusations are Not True

If your spouse makes claims about you that are not true, you can show the court the truth by providing them with documentation to the contrary. For example, if your spouse makes the claim that you are hiding assets in secret bank accounts or that you have transferred wealth into a friend or relative’s name to keep it out of the divorce proceeding, show the court copies of your financial statements to prove otherwise. If your spouse goes to the length of having his or her attorney investigate your accounts in an attempt to find hidden assets, cooperate with the investigation to show that you have nothing to hide.

When a spouse’s accusation has to do with your parenting ability, it can be more difficult to demonstrate the truth. In a situation like this, it is in your best interest to counter your spouse’s claim by providing evidence to the contrary. You can use testimonies from your child’s teacher, pediatrician, and other adults in your child’s life to show that you are an active, involved parent and that you have a strong relationship with your child.

If an accusation has to do with your personal life, such as an accusation that you are spending marital funds on an adulterous partner or that you are using drugs, ask your partner to provide evidence to back up his or her claim. If he or she cannot prove that you are spending money on a new partner, his or her claim has no standing. If you are asked to take a drug test and you are not using drugs, take the test to show that you are clean.

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