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As adults age, they frequently have diverse needs and face unexpected battles in comparison to they did in their younger years. Fortunately, there are many legal protections that can be set up to ensure the rights and welfare of elderly adults in Florida. Some common concerns involve paying for health care services, making financial decisions, having access to grandchildren, and guaranteeing that they will be legitimately looked after should they turn out to be seriously ill.  Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. is an elder law lawyer who is committed to protecting the rights of elderly adults. Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. will ensure that they utilize all of the legal tools possible as they continue to age.  Don’t hesitate to visit the accompanying pages for more information on Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr.’s elder law services.

Getting assistance from an Orlando elder law attorney like Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. will prove to be invaluable throughout elder law matters. Since 1999, Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. has been practicing all aspects of elder law. Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. is here to assist anyone: senior citizens who wish to plan for their own financial medical future or you are a personal representative to an estate. If you are a child of someone who is no longer legally competent to make their own decisions, call Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. today.

Medicaid Planning Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr.

Bankruptcy hit all age groups hard after the 2007 recession.  2010 was the highest year of bankruptcy filings since the early 2000s. Medical bankruptcy is a very real threat for millions of seniors today. Wealth and income have remained stagnant for years, and senior citizens have been retiring with fewer savings. Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. is a Medicaid planning attorneys can protect your savings from the high costs of in-home care, assisted living, or nursing home care. It is imperative that you protect your assets. Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. assists clients with creating a durable power of attorney. Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. can help you create wills and advanced healthcare directives, build trusts, and much more.

Guardianship Attorneys in Orlando

According to the National Adult Protective Services Association, elder financial abuse is on the rise. Elderly adults who are unable to manage their own financial affairs or make financial decisions can benefit from a guardian. A guardian takes over the legal decision of a ward, who is deemed incompetent by the court. Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. assists all of the following types of clients respectfully and with compassion:

  • Senior citizens or disabled people who desire a voluntary adult guardianship
  • Adult children who know that their elderly parents could benefit from a guardianship
  • Those who want to fight an involuntary guardianship proceeding
  • Close relatives who want to contest an adult guardianship on behalf of their elderly or disabled relative
  • A mentally competent spouse who wants to protect the marital assets by becoming their spouse’s guardian
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Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. is an elder law attorney who is ready to help your case. If you are the spouse or close family member of an elderly person who cannot make sound decisions for themselves, you should get legal assistance. Perhaps you are senior citizen yourself who is planning for the future.

Not sure about care for an elderly loved one? If you are seeking legal representation contact Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. handle’s every legal representation from family law to elder law. Call us at  (407) 647-7887 or send us a send us a message. Visit Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr’s Office.  Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. serves Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Garden, Winter Park and Winter Springs and surrounding areas.