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Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. Settling Child Support Issues for Orlando Families

Child support is one of the more fervently challenged angles of family law since there’s so much at stake on both sides. The custodial parent and child depend greatly on the financial help of child support. Related help of child back. Non-custodial parents must be able to pay their own bills without falling behind on rent, a mortgage, or other expenses. When both sides balance these two sides varying sides can be complicated. Emotions can run high and take over in some cases. Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. is a child support attorneys can help you restore balance in a divorce case.

Why Non-Custodial Parents Need To Pay Child Support in Full and on Time

Child support is essential for custodial parents to keep up with bills. It’s also a way to keep food on the table. it is important for the continuing parental bond between the child and the non-custodial parent. A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, has shown that when non-custodial parents pay child support, they report having a better relationship with their child and higher quality visitation than custodial parents who are not current on their child support payments. Non-custodial guardians who pay child support in full and on time have way better connections with their child as well as the custodial parent. They both have positive impacts on the child’s developmental, emotional, and physical growth and well-being.

Calculating Orlando Child Support

Florida courts may calculate child support based on some of or all of the following criteria according to Florida statute 61.30

  • The income of both parents
  • The health care costs of the child
  • Educational costs of the child
  • The child care costs
  • Age of the child
  • Special needs of the child
  • Seasonal variations of a parent’s income
  • Percentage of time child spends the night at each parent’s house
  • The number of children the couple has together

The court may make exceptions to the regular calculations if the income of the noncustodial parent is below the federal poverty level. They may also make an exception if the combined income of the parents is greater than $10,000 per month.

Modifying a Child Support Order

There is no child support order that is set in stone. Typically, it’s expected that the needs of the child shift each year, as well as the income levels of each parent. There are several valid reasons for modifying a child support order to include a prolonged and continued change. These include:

  • Loss of a job/income
  • Increase in income
  • Child care, health care, or other expenses increase
  • A parent gets remarried

An Orlando Child Support Attorney is Standing By

An experienced Orlando child support attorney will decrease pressure during a child support case. They will also make sure that your best needs and interests are met and fairly represented though the decision-making process. If you or your spouse are unable to come to a settlement through mediation, the matter will be decided in court. This is when having a child support attorney is crucial. 

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