Trust Administration and Litigation

Florida Trust Administration Attorney Aubrey Harry Ducker Jr. is a Florida Trust Administration Attorney. He help trustees and personal representatives of estates avoid costly and estate-damaging litigation.This is done with concrete guidance through the complexities of estate and trust law so that they do not breach their duties. When the damage has been done and […]

Commonly asked questions on Probate Litigation

Commonly asked questions on Probate Litigation What Are Probate And Administrative Litigation, How Can It Help You Probate Litigation is a process that deals with the estate of a loved one who has passed away. It is not the easiest thing in the world. This process can seem very tiring and overwhelming. So, in this […]

Best Trust Administration & Litigation in Orlando Attorney

Administration of the Living Trust After the Death of the Trust Maker Do you need the most trusted and recommended trust administration and litigation in Orlando to assist you in the post-death administration of a living trust in Florida? Do you need the administration of a trust or estate in the event of a trust […]

What is Guardianship Litigation?

Guardianship litigation is the legal process through which a legal guardian for an incapacitated adult is determined. When an incapacitated individual does not have a living will that states who is to be granted power of attorney for his or her needs, it is often necessary to go to court to determine that individual’s guardian. […]

Irwin N. Sperling

Irwin N. Sperling was admitted to the Florida Bar in October of 1981. He has continuously practiced law for over 37 years and representing people and businesses within the State of Florida. His background is that of a general practice attorney who seeks to assist people or businesses with all types of legal problems. He […]