Who Else Benefits from a Collaborative Divorce?

Many couples choose collaborative divorce because of its benefits, like its low cost compared to litigation, the non-combative nature of the process, and the greater likelihood that they will reach a mutually satisfying settlement through collaboration. The benefits of collaborative divorce do not stop here. Many other people in a divorcing couple’s lives, particularly their […]

My Collaborative Divorce is Not Working the Way I Thought it Would. What Can I Do?

Many couples pursue collaborative divorce because it eliminates the stresses of going to court while saving them money. It also allows the couple to retain a higher level of control over the details of their divorce, such as how their property is divided. Because collaborative divorce requires the couple to cooperate and compromise, it is […]

Should We Consider Mediation for Our Divorce?

There are a few different ways a couple can divorce. One of these is through traditional courtroom litigation, which can be stressful and expensive. Another is collaborative divorce, a process through which the couple works together to determine their divorce settlement with little or no outside influence. A third option is mediation, which is similar […]

Why Should I Work with a Probate Lawyer?

If you find yourself in a position where you need to administer a loved one’s will or take care of other issues regarding his or her assets after his or her death, you can suddenly find yourself facing waves of confusion and a massive headache. Relieve yourself from this stress by taking a step back […]

The Professionals you Might Meet During your Divorce

During the divorce process, you will likely meet many professionals. The professionals you meet depend on the circumstances of your divorce and the demands that accompany them, such as the need to appraise a small business or a rental property. Couples who choose collaborative divorces often have fewer interactions with outside professionals than those who […]

How is a Collaborative Divorce Different from Divorcing through Mediation?

If you are considering a divorce, you probably know that there are a few ways to complete the process. You can complete your divorce through litigation, which means bringing your case to the courtroom to have it decided by a judge. You can also complete it through one of two methods of alternative dispute resolution: […]

What are the Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce?

If you are considering filing for divorce and you are currently researching your options for how to divorce, you have likely read about collaborative law divorces. A collaborative divorce is a divorce where the couple determines the terms of their settlement entirely on their own, then works together to complete the divorce with guidance from […]

Is a Collaborative Law Divorce Right for You? Ask yourself the Following Questions to Find Out

Every divorce is unique. While one couple divorces because of infidelity, another divorces because they simply cannot agree about how to run their small business. A couple might have few assets and no children while another might have children, multiple real estate properties, significant assets, and a severely strained relationship. This latter couple’s divorce would […]